There is so much on offer at ILS that it is impossible to list it all, but here's a sample of what you can expect if you attend on the 4th Sunday of each month (except December).
We start running trains about 10am and continue till mid afternoon.
Most of the locomotives are steam engines and have been built by their drivers.

Safety regulation require EVERYONE riding the trains must wear enclosed footwear. Persons in bare feet, thongs, sandals or open toe footwear will NOT be permitted on the train.

Please note that for safety reasons and the comfort of others, ball games are not allowed.
Friendliness. We are very passionate about our hobby and will talk for hours and hours unless you politely tell us to shut up. Please talk to us.

Natural setting. Our grounds are located in a beautiful bushland setting, and whilst the trees cause a lot of maintenance removing leaves and branches from the track, we wouldn't swap them for anything. I won't mention the ducks (Donald and Daisy) and their family that sometimes swim up and down the creek and walk onto our track.

BBQ's . We have several timber fired BBQ's that you can use to cook that steak whilst enjoying your day out at our club.

Tables . We have some (but not enough) aluminium picnic tables and seats. In the summer, the seats get very hot and in the winter, they are quite cold so I suggest you bring a couple of blankets for your comfort. We can't clean the tables as often as we would like and being in the open, they can gather a bit of dust and leaves so a table cloth would be a good idea.

Viewing locos. We have a sign that says 'Sorry, visitors not allowed past this point'. This is for your own protection because steam is very hot and it is possible to receive a burn if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Canteen. We have a canteen that supplies a small range of snacks. Nothing gourmet, but you won't starve if you forget to bring your own food. There is usually an adequate supply of drinks, ice cream, lollies, sausages and rolls to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Private Parties. We do run special days for groups. Our most popular time is for Xmas parties and we generally have every weekend in October, November annd December fully booked. We also arrange evening and mid week runs. Contact our Secretary Greg Coleman for more details

Handicap Toilet. We have a toilet for the handicapped and it doubles as an extra toilet for the ladies.

Shower. We have a hot shower, but it is only used on special occasions. If you think you will need to use it, please contact one of our members well in advance to ensure the water is hot. It is mostly used when we invite our fellow steam enthusiasts to our special days.

Rubbish!. You will notice our grounds are very tidy, in spite of having no council garbage collection. This is because 99% of all visitors are very conscientious and put their rubbish in our Big Blue Bin in the car park. The odd 1% leave it on the ground for the wind to blow away.