Saturday 17th June 2017

I have just returned from the Builders Club and our Annual Luncheon. Compliments to the club for a good smorgasboard and in particular the desserts of pavlova and creme caramel.

A big congratulation goes to Nelson Meezs on being awarded Member of Yea. Congratulations Nelson.

Also congratulations to Helmut Ecker on his 30 years as a club member.

I received some Hot Pot photos from Graeme Daniel. Have a look at the Picture Page.

Thought of the day.
I'm so old that: ... I remember what it was like before the good old days.

Tuesday 13th June 2017

That ends another fantastic Hot Pot Run. Only problem was the rain on Saturday afternoon, but that wasn't a problem because it meant we could spend more time talking to our friends.

Good to see so many locos, but sorry to see a decline in the number of steamers. Still, we all have our own preferences.

A big thank you must go to the members who did a little work. They only had a little to do because everyone did a little bit and that made life easy.

Thought of the day.
I never make the same mistake twice. I make it 5-6 times, just to be sure.

Sunday 28th May 2017

What a fantastic day. We never finished running until 2:30. The weather couldn't have been better and the crowds were humungous. The only drawback was a severe lack of engines which made the wait for a ride longer than we like. Still, I never heard one complaint and there was a heap of laughter on the station.

Don't forget the goodies for June's raffle/

Thought of the day.
If at first you don't succeed, hide the evidence that you even tried.

Saturday 27th May 2017

Workday was well attended today with heaps of jobs being done. We shouldn't have the bog near the steaming bay when it rains because the grass has been replaced with gravel thanks to Simon and Simon with their bob cats.

HPR is getting close now and June Edmondson (Ross's boss) is in need of more donations for the raffle.

Thought of the day.
If at first you don't succeed, blame society.

Sunday 21st May 2017

I didn't make it to the track yesterday, but made up for it by attending the Autism run today.

There was a meeting at the track this afternoon, discussing various aspects who is allowed to ride, and the ride limitations. Lots of interesting thoughts.

Thought of the day.
If at first you don't succeed, call it a day and have a beer.

Saturday 13th May 2017

Wow!! Workday was super productive today with heaps of work going on in preparation for the Hot Pot Run in 27 days time. Sure comes around fast - seems like only last year we held the last one.

We also held our bi-monthly meeting today. Nothing radical and most of the time was taken up with the HPR.

The minutes will be put up here as soon as I get them.

Thought of the day.
If at first you don't succeed, it didn't need to be done anyway