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Video of Corey driving Bitza.

2018 Hot Pot Run by Corey.

A few photos from Corey.

Photos of The Tunnel and 6 Bridges.

Oberon Museum revival.

Photos from Gary Gillam of the 2018 Luncheon at the Builders Club.

Some photos from the Hornsby Club

2018 Hot Pot Run by Graeme Daniel

2018 Hot Pot Run by Ken Foran

2018 Hot Pot Run by Peter Read

More progress on the Tunnel by Carl Grills.

Progress on the Tunnel by Carl Grills.

Additions to the Foot Plate by Corza.

The start of our tunnel by Mark Schipp


2017 Christmas Play Day by Corey

SCVCC Xmas Party by Corey

2017 Barry Glover Testemonial Luncheon

Carl Grills has made an excellent slide show of the construction of the Six Bridges. Unfortunately, at 3gb it is too large for this site. To get a copy, give Carl or me a 4gb USB and we'll make a copy for you.

Locos at November PRD by Corey

Just a few of Corey's Holiday

November pictures by Corza

More 2017 August pictures by Corza

2017 August pictures by Corey

2017 Hot Pot Run by Gary Gillam

2017 Luncheon by Gary Gillam

2017 Hot Pot Run by Graeme Daniel

May work day by Corey

May work day by Carl

2017 Mothers Day by Corey

PRD 2017 April pictures by Corey

PRD 2017 Feb pictures by Corey

PRD 2017 Feb pictures by Corey

24hr Run

  • Pics by Gary Gillam.

  • Pics by Greg Coleman.

  • Pics by John Simon.

  • Pics by Ken Foran.

  • Work Day by Corey Feb 2017.

    Not much more to do now on the 6 Bridges.

    More work on the 6 bridges Run.


    3 pics from Carl.

    2016-04-23 Interview with Wave FM by Clark Scobie.(right click and save as)

    3 Misc pics from Carl.

    Carl Grills Steam Truck.

    Misc pics from Corey.

    Misc pics from Greg Coleman.

    November Update for 6 Bridges.

    October Shed Night with Paul Dove.

    Update of the 6 Bridges.

    Update of the 7 Bridges.

    All the happy people at our June Luncheon.

    2016 Hot Pot Run.

    2016-04-23 Interview with Wave FM by Clark Scobie.(right click and save as)

    Miracles do happen.

    20 pictures taken on the March Work Day.

    Three beautiful locos at our February Running Day.

    Carl Grills going off-road.


    2015 New Track. 7 Bridges Run.

    2015 June Public Running Day

    2015 Hot Pot Run.

    2015 May Public Running Day

    2015 February Public Running Day

    2015 January 12hr Run from Greg

    2015 January Misc pics from Greg

    2015 January Public Running Day


    2014 November Public Running Day from Greg

    2014 November Public Running Day

    Stolen Locos report

    2014 October Public Running Day

    2014 September Public Running Day

    2014 August Public Running Day

    The old Gum Tree had to go in July 2014

    2014 July Public Running Day

    2014 June Public Running Day

    2014 Hot Pot Run.

    2014 50th Birthday by Lorna.

    2014 50th Birthday by Peter.

    2014 50th Birthday by Greg.

    2014 12hr Run.


    2013 July OFD.

    2013 Annual Dinner.

    2013 Hot Pot Run.

    In memory of Jack Kneller.

    April 2013 Old Farts Day.

    February 2013 TimeTable Run.

    Doug and John H with their Sweet Peas.


    The resurection of Bitza by Jeff.

    2012 The Shunting Event.

    June 2012 Annual Dinner.

    2012 Hot Pot Pictures

    April 2012 Miscellaneous Pics.

    February 18th Work Day.


    Ross's beautiful creation.

    Movie of our Super 8 run.

    2011 annual dinner.

    April 2011 Carriage Shed Extension.

    2011 Hot Pot Pictures


    December 2010 Old Farts Christmas Party.

    Men can fix anything and this proves it.

    Wollongong Junction 1978. Thanks to Brian Jones.

    If Women Ruled The World. (I thought they did).

    Wally World. November 2010

    10 thJune 2010 Work Day.

    2010 Annual Dinner by Carl.

    2010 Annual Dinner by Peter.

    2010 Hot Pot Pictures

    15th May 2010 Mudgee visit.

    2010 March 13th Saturday Work Day.

    2010 February 21st Charity Run.

    2010 February 13th Workday.

    2010 January 30th Workday from Carl.

    2010 January 30th Workday.


    More work day pictures.

    Miscellaneous work day pictures.

    3265 near Moss Vale thanks to Jason Smid.

    Peter Edwards beautiful creation.

    Penwood's September 2009 invitation run.

    Jason Smid.

    The re-birth of 3265.

    August 2009 Play Day.

    Carl's Family Day.

    2 steamy pictures of 3642 at the Kiama 150th Festival.

    Here are 12 pictures from the work day.

    Tree felling in July 2009

    Hot Pot 2009. 33 pics from John Seckold.

    Hot Pot 2009. 104 pics from Lorna.

    Hot Pot 2009. 23 pics from Hugh Elsol.

    Hot Pot 2009. 96 pics from Carl Grills.

    Hot Pot 2009. 14 pics from Robert Wooley.

    Hot Pot 2009. 87 pics from Ken Foran.

    Hot Pot 2009. 4 pics from Robbie Armstrong.

    Annual Dinner 2009.

    Photos of the Annual Dinner 2009 by Dennis Hamilton.

    Pictures in June.

    Miscellaneous Pictures in June.

    Pictures from our HPR work day.

    Things I have learnt about life.

    Sugar Cane Train in Queensland.

    Saturday Work Day and storm damage.

    Fascinating photos from yesteryear.

    6 pictures of the Easter 2009 run

    March 2009 POETS

    March 2009 OFD

    Workday 07-03-2009

    2009 Easter Run from Lorna


    How many men does it take to make 5 concrete sleepers!!!

    Ross's 5909 and Helmut's A3.

    20 Pics of Quirindi and Tamworth tracks.

    2008 Old Farts Christmas party.

    Remember when! A peek into the past. (downloads)

    2008 Hot Pot Pictures

    2008 Hot Pot Pictures by Robbie A.

    Hornsby 2008 Invitation Run. Thanks Ken F.

    August 2008 Work Day.

    Wally World under construction.

    A 10 minute movie on YouTube of the 2008 Hot Pot Run. Thanks Phil R.

    A cold winter Old Farts Day

    46 pictures of our members locos. May 2008.

    Miscellaneous pictures. 20thMay 2008.

    Miscellaneous pictures. 3rd May 2008.

    April 2008 PRD.

    Ken and Nell's trip on The Ghan. May 2008.

    Pictures from a Saturday work day. March 2008

    Pictures from March PRD on the 30th

    17 pictures showing How to Flange a Door Sheet. It's easy when you know how! I just wonder how much silver solder they used. It's also interesting to read the replies in the forum. Thanks Jeff for the link.

    Miscellaneous pictures. Jan 2008


    Jan 2007 OFD from Carl.

    The new steaming bay roof. Dec 2007

    An aerial view of our park.


    The 2006 (very wet) Hot Pot Run.

    The Mudgee 2006 Blowfly Rally.

    Upgrades to our signal boxes April 2006.

    4 pictures to show the 2006 mini flood and the trench we dug to let the water flow.

    One set of pictures about the construction of the new bridge.

    Here are some more pictures of the new bridge.

    August ofd 2006.


    Here are some not very good pictures taken at the 2005 Hot Pot Run.

    Pictures of our 2005 Annual party.

    May 2005 pictures.


    2004 February OFD

    2004 Hot Pot Run.


    2003 Hot Pot Run.

    August 2003 Wind Storm damage.

    Old Farts Xmas Party 2003


    2002 Hot Pot Run.

    Unknown date

    A history of Ivo Bunker.

    Unknown Old Farts Day.

    To download the Cab Ride pictures (900k) and play it at your leisure offline, click here. Unzip the files and run CabRide.htm.