The next Restricted Household Family running day will be on the
                                             27th of June                                              

              Tickets are avallible now. Tickets must be pre-purchased.

No tickets can be purchased at the track on the day.

No refunds will be given if cancelled within 48hours of the event. Please understand that we
are volunteers and are not for profit organisation. It dosen't give us a chance to resell you're ticket. Thank you for understanding.
                                            The Canteen will be closed
The Illawarra Live Steamers is a non-profit organisation that operates a miniature (5") railway across from Stuart Park at North Wollongong, N.S.W., Australia.

Sorry, but dogs are not allowed in the park with the exception of Guide Dogs and/or Assistance dogs.

Safety regulation require EVERYONE riding the trains must wear enclosed footwear. Persons in bare feet, thongs, sandals or open toe footwear will NOT be permitted on the train.

Please note that for safety reasons and the comfort of others, ball games are not allowed.

We run Steam Trains. They are HOT! They emit smoke,steam, oil, sparks and hot cinders so do not wear good clothes.

Welcome to the home of the